filmmaker: director, camera operator, editor

Dancing at a high level on many stages around the world for many years, I have an undeniable passion for dance. In 2007 I took the decision to finally stop dancing; however, many years before that I developed a new passion: making films featuring dance or movement.
(some info about my previous career as a dancer)

Since 2007 my film and video works have gone beyond dance. I create films for different mediums: TV commercials, promos, virals, corporate films and short documentaries for online and other screenings.

My goal is to always create a striking movie which goes beyond transmitting a message- a film that excites and moves the viewer.

I can create productions from scratch, develop ideas and concepts, write scenarios and storyboards, film, edit and deliver the final work to the desired medium. I can also work on my own if the project allows, or can build a team according the requirements.

Within these pages you will find some of my selected work.
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For more works created exclusively for Dutch National Ballet (DNB), please visit the Dutch National Ballet
Youtube channel, Dutch National Ballet Facebook fan page or my DNB video blog page here on my internet site.

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